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“Thank you so much for playing at my wedding. We loved it. Thanks for helping to ‘complete’ our special day” – Annie and Dave

“We both would like to thank you very much for your generosity in playing at our wedding”. – R. and M.

“Thanks for doing such a great job at the wedding”. – Nicole S.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful music during A. and A.’s wedding”. – M. J.

“Thank you so much for playing your beautiful harp at our wedding! We are just thrilled to add such a wonderful touch to our special day.” – G. and S.

“Thanks again for creating such beautiful music at our ceremony!” – K.

“It means so much to me that you and your wonderful music were part of this family wedding.” – Linda H.

“A. and I wanted to thank you again for playing our wedding last Saturday. Everything was beautiful. You really helped make the occasion something to be remembered.” – T.

“Thanks very much for playing your harp at our wedding. Your music is beautiful and it really made our special day that much more special.” – B. and C.

“I would highly recommend Evergreen Erb to anyone who is looking for a harpist” – The Roux Family

Thank you so much for playing at the wedding. Your harp music was just perfect. It added so much to the setting and the occasion. E. loves “The Wizard of Oz”, and that made ‘Over the Rainbow’ a particularly special choice. – Judy J.

“Thank you so much for your time (at our wedding), and beautiful music. It was everything we had hoped for and more.” – Elise B.

“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. You did a fantastic job…..People complimented us numerous times on your music”. – Sara B.


“Thank you for playing for Ron’s service…and for playing for Ron just before he died. As I told you, it was the ‘music of angels’, which helped carry him from this life to the next.” – Betty H.

“Thanks for playing the harp for the memorial. Your music was healing and wonderful”. – Sarah L.

“Thank you so much for your harp music at G.’s memorial celebration. It was lovely and just what G. wanted”. – A.

“Thank you so much for sharing the day’s celebration of our mother’s life. She loved your music and it was so incredible to have you play at her service”. – R.W.

“The music was beautiful and peaceful and very appropriate. I’m sure mom would have loved it. I enjoyed it very much”. – L.W.

“Your playing really added that final ‘touch’ that my mother needed to exit this earth. Please continue to share your gift with others. You have no idea how deeply it touches our souls.” – N.R.


“Thank you for the Most Beautiful Celtic harp music I have ever heard. Your songs and their meanings are a true inspiration into your sharing them with others. I am truly grateful”. – Hildy F.

“I am enjoying your CD right now. Beautiful. I never thought I liked Harp music. I do”! – Elizbeth. J.

“I’m listening to your beautiful harp music this morning, and it is so lovely and peaceful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with this community”. – Jane G.

“It’s a great CD! My son and I are enjoying it”. – Bill Aswad

“Your music transports me to places I want to go- effortlessly”. – Linda H.

“Thanks for sharing and creating wonderful music for peoples of the world to enjoy”. –  Kathleen K.

“Your CD is a gift I am proud/pleased to give”. – L.

“Love your CD- it calms and soothes me. What a wonderful talent’! – M.M.

“I received your CD and think it’s absolutely beautiful. You truly do have a gift with music, and your beautiful spirit shines through every song”. – A.

“I feel very lucky to have been able to hear and purchase your wonderful CD. It’s like looking at a Monet- it soothes the soul.” – B.K.

“Your CD is absolutely beautiful. I can see Big Moose Lake and it is so relaxing”. – Kathy Weist

“I am sitting by my woodstove and enjoying the first fire of the season and listening to your beautiful CD. It is astoundingly beautiful and I enjoy it so much”. – B.L.

“What a treat to receive your CD! It’s wonderful: so relaxing and enjoyable. I’ve played it over and over again and read the stories about each of your compositions. It’s very special. I’m so glad that you and the harp found each other”. – B.N.

“I really enjoy your music and harp playing. It is so mellow and peaceful”. – M.L.

“Your beautiful music fills our house with the most beautiful sounds as we play your CD. We love it! And at night it puts us to sleep in such a sweet and gentle way. It truly is the music of angels”. – B.H.

“Your music and gifts meant more to me than you’ll ever know. Your words behind each song taught me a greater respect for the creation we take for granted…”. – P.N.

“I truly love your CD. Please send me two more copies”. – L.C.

“It is Truly Awesome- very beautiful, very healing music!” – H.D.

“Your harp CD is really delightful. It makes beautiful music, and good music washes away problems, at least temporarily.” –  Bill Watt


Thank you so much for your beautiful music. It was enjoyed by all and made the Baby Tea a special occasion. Your contribution of time and talent was most appreciated”. – Anne Hawley, Deborah Rawson Memorial Library

“Thank You so very much for adding your beautiful harp music to the Art Opening at the Birds of Vermont Museum. It sounded so great out in the atrium.” – L.D.

“Thanks so much for your heavenly lullabies on the river. Your music and presence added immeasurably to the atmosphere of the gathering- and went beautifully with the surroundings”. – Keeping Track

“Your beautiful harp playing was just the right accompaniment. Please feel free to use VPR as reference any time you care to.” – VPR

“Thank you so much for giving your time to play at our rape crisis event. Your music and presence was special and lovely and added so much to our evening’s success”. – WRCC

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